Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your questions below... would like to thank you for checking out our new site. Great customer service is extemely important to us. We want to make sure your experience with is positive. If you have a question you want answered? Email Us or call us at 714-557-2414


All Continental US shipments are shipped via the requested option. APO/FFO/AE addresses must request PS Air shipping. Alaska and Hawaii must request PS Air shipping or UPS Second Day Air or UPN Next Day Air shipping. Shipping charges are automatically calculated and added to you order. If there are any delays or problems the service department will contact you via phone or e-mail. Parts of your order may be shipped separately depending on stock availability. RETURN POLICY

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please return it within 30 days of the invoice date. Please be certain to complete the return form on the back of your invoice. All items must be unused and accompanied with invoice/return form. All returns and exchanges will receive prompt attention, and we will make every effort to expedite the handling of your return request. Questions regarding your return, please call 714-557-2414 or e-mail: [email protected]


You may return your merchandise for credit to your credit card or exchange. Clothing & Accessories must be clean and unwashed with all tags attached. Once clothing has been worn they cannot be returned or exchanged. Videos must be unopened and in original packaging.

DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE does not guarantee the exchange or credit for a defective item. But if your item is defective, we'll be happy to replace the item once it's deemed to be defective, send them back to us attn: warranty repair with an explanation of why you think they're, yes i'll say it again... defective.


We DO NOT accept C.O.D.'s on return items. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. For your protection, we suggest you return your merchandise via UPS or insured Parcel Post.


Bike FAQ
What size frame should I get?

Please refer to the following chart to select the correct size frame. As a rule of thumb it’s better to get a frame that is a little too small than one that is too large. You can adjust the seat post and other components, such as the stem, to get the fit that is best for you.

Large 60 cm Rider Height 5'11" to 6'3"
Medium 55 cm Rider Height 5'6" to 5'11"
Small 50 cm Rider Height 5'0" to 5'6"

What is the frame made of?

Each frame is made of Cho-Moly steel, high-tensile strength frame tubes. All tubes are precision tig welded for maximum strength.

When the sad day comes when your bike has provided its last ride and is destined for the junk heap, rest easy, the frame can be recycled again to go into more bikes or other steel parts, continue the cycle of re-use

How much assembly do I have to do when I get my bike?

All you need are very basic mechanical skills. Your bike will come 95% put together in the box. All you will have to do is put the wheel on, the seat post in, put the pedals on and tighten the handlebars. note: We do recommend that you take your bike to a local bike shop in order to make sure that nothing was loosened during shipping. Also remember that some parts, ie: the LEFT Pedal, may be reverse threaded, please make sure you are putting the right pedal on the right side, and that you do not have to use excessive force to thread in the pedal...

What is the difference between a fixed gear bike and a single speed?

This can be confusing for many people. A fixed gear bike has a rear cog that continually rotates along with the pedals. This means that you can’t stop pedaling once you start moving. In other words, the pedals are always moving and you can’t coast. This sounds very strange and takes some getting used to but it makes for a fun ride because you feel so connected to the bike. Single speed / free wheel means you are riding with just one gear but you can coast and relax wile riding. This is the standard configuration most people will be comfortable with and it is how our bikes are shipped.

The rear wheel comes equipped with a flip/flop hub, so you can have the option of riding fixed gear or free wheel.

Should I ride fixed gear or single speed?

This is up to you. The best part about our bikes is that they come with the ability to fit both a fixed gear cog and a free wheel single speed cog. This is called a flip flop hub. All you have to do is flip the back wheel around and you can change from freewheel to fixed gear, (with the optional freewheel cog). This way you can change back and forth and learn to ride fixed gear. It’s almost like having two bikes in one!

How much do your bikes weigh?

Fully assembled our bikes only weigh 22lbs. This will vary slightly depending on bar type selected and the size of the frame.

Why are their no quick release levers on the bike?

Our bikes are built on the premise of track bikes. Traditionally these bikes are ridden on a track in arenas where it is unnecessary to have fast wheel changes, or any change in seat post height. We are following this tradition with our fixies. An added advantage is that it makes it much harder to steal your bikes wheels or seat if they are securely attached with bolts.

Ordering FAQ
How long will it take to build and ship my bike?
Most orders are built, boxed and shipped within just 2 days of placing your order.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Paypal, and checks over the mail. (Please allow extra time to process check before shipping.)

What is your return and warranty policy?

All Backward Circle Bikes carry a one-year warranty against defects, construction flaws, and craftsmanship to the original owner from the date of purchase. So if your bike shows up with a broken or defective part don’t sweat it! We will make it right.
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with anything you have purchased from us, we want to hear about it. Tell us what the problem is and how we can fix it. Our policy is to make our customers happy.
If you crash your bike, run it over with your car, or ride it off the roof and break the frame, I’m afraid we won’t fix it. We have to draw the line somewhere. All warranty parts must first get a return approval code.

Shipping FAQ

How much is shipping?
Shipping for orders over $100 (before taxes, if applicable) is free anywhere in the CONTINENTAL USA. Otherwise Ground shipping may be from $9 and up, and will be shipped UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified.

What company will it be shipped with?
We ship each bike via USPS

How long will it take to get to get my bike?
Each bike is custom built so it generally takes us about one day to build your bike, then the next day it will be shipped.

Will I get tracking information?
Most bikes are built in about one day then shipped the next. As soon as your bike has been built and shipped you will get a notification email with a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, Email [email protected]

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